Patti Beadles is a crazy pink-haired geek, nationally-exhibited photographer, pervert, poker player, and smartass from Oakland, California.

Patti’s photographic obsessions have included extreme close-ups of flowers, large-scale nighttime cityscapes, the Port of Oakland, and light painting. She also specializes in erotic photography– especially rope bondage and SM– with an eye toward capturing the intensity and intimacy of these forbidden acts.

Patti is also the creator and primary author of the Stop Shooting Auto! blog, which helps wean new photographers off of the green box mode on their cameras.


VoyeuriS/M, Stormy Leather, San Francisco 2008
Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Seattle, 2009
ErosFest NorthWest, Portland, 2009
Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, Rochester, 2010
Austin Law Group, San Francisco, 2010
RayKo Gallery, San Francisco, 2010
Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Seattle, 2011
Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show, Bloomington, 2011
Subtle and Overt, Pure Pleasure, Santa Cruz, 2011
Fear No Art, Mark I Chester gallery, San Francisco, 2011
Flower Power, 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, 2011
Doing Your Dirty Work, Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco, 2012
Rochester Erotic Art Festival, Rochester, 2013
RayKo Gallery, 4th Biennial Juried Pinhole Photography Show, San Francisco, 2013

Patti tries very hard not to fit into boxes, or anyone’s expectations of what she should be, and she almost always succeeds at that.

Personal Collection

Patti is a photography collector as well as a photographer.  Her personal collection includes works from Joe Decker and Lane Wilson.